Writer's Guidelines

Founded in 1999, Bumples is an exciting INTERACTIVE online magazine for children three- 10 years of age.

Bumples specializes in illustrated fiction about children and animals in mysteries, sports, poems and fantasies with serialized adventures in each issue.

Stories are uniquely supplemented with puzzles, question, games, and activities, all of which makes Bumples story telling all the more engaging. Interesting information on a topic is always fun to explore after enjoying a great reading experience. Consequently, Bumples adds factual postscripts to complement each story.

We offer two magazines: Bumples for ages 6-10 and the new magazine Bumple Buds for ages 3-5.


Bumple Buds 3-5. (starting in the fall 2017)

Bumples 6-10. (4-10 until the fall 2017)

Story Format:

Ages 3-5: up to 800 words.

Ages 6-10: up to 2,000 words.

Genre includes mystery, adventure, fantasy, serialized stories, holiday stories. We love sports and animal stories.

We select stories and poems that we can animate the characters.


Online magazine: 4 times for Bumples magazine, 4 times for Bumple Buds,

Freelance Potential:

90% written by non-staff writers. Publishers freelance submissions by both published and unpublished writers and illustrators including children. If you can draw, we will also look at your drawings but we don't need them.


Send complete story via email to Editor@bumples.com. We prefer Word format but accept PDF.

Rights and Payment:

Rights: You still own your stories and can reuse them. We are paying $30.00 for stories, $20.00 for poems. Illustrations based on number of pictures.